Will JavaScript ever make it to the server-side?

We all know that today's revolution in web apps is fueled by JavaScript and such libraries as JQuery, Dojo and Prototype.¬†Pages nowadays load a ton of JavaScript in order to implement features that reside in a responsive client-side environment.¬†Slideshows and other fancy effects of today are build with a few lines of code utilizing a combination of ready to use calls. JavaScript is as important as HTML and CSS in today's web. No wonder Google's Chrome focuses squarely on JavaScript performance. Read more »

Whitehouse.gov went Drupal

It's a big day for Drupal today. As founder of Drupal Dries Buytaert reports: "Big, exciting news! The flag ship website of the U.S. government, Whitehouse.gov, just relaunched on Drupal. This is a big day for Drupal, and for Open Source in government, and something all of us in the community should be very proud of."

Read on further at Dries' website or follow discussion on Slashdot.

Contributed module submission to Drupal

I have used Drupal for over three years now. Up until version 5.0 Drupal did not offer anything compelling and steep learning curve prevented people from investing time into getting to know Drupal. Things have dramatically changed since release of D5. Several powerful APIs and contributed modules have lifted Drupal among other CMSs. Notable advancements were the Form API, CCK and Views modules. Read more »

Slashdot-style comment moderation for Drupal

I had interest in managing user-generated content for a very long time - ever since late 90's when me and my friends have set up an online discussion board. We used to run it off of an open-source message board and then switched to vBulletin. While vB is an excellent forum management software and has tons of features, it has its own drawbacks. Read more »

SDK for PHP on Ubuntu

I have recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu for my main laptop. After getting webserver up, installing Inkscape and loading all my Firefox plugins I had to pick an SDK to write code.

Since my last laptop was not too powerful and Eclipse would take forever to load, I got used to Notepad++ for all small to medium sized projects. Notepad++ offered all the necessary features for this type of work, including syntax highlighting, function list and multiple tabs. On top of that Notepad++ was extremely fast and had a pretty interface.

My new laptop loads applications many times faster thanks to an SSD I have installed in place of regular HD and has 4GB of RAM which is enough to run Eclipse without any issues. So, the choice was obvious and I went with Eclipse. Eclipse does take a few seconds to load, compared to couple of seconds for most applications, but I can live with that. Read more »

First post

Yes I did it - got my website out there and started blogging.  Expect some tech talk with howtos and tutorials about building websites. 

I will probably also post about my thoughts on whatever interests me that particular day. I will try to keep my ramblings short and to the point. Promise :) Read more »